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  14 Watt mini-Compact Fluorescent light

N:vision Fluoresecent light delivers more white light than regular CFL's. With 900 Lumens of light output, this bulb is brigther than your standard incandescent, no-flicker, instant-start. Rated at 14 watts and with a life expectency of 7 years, this light will pay for itself in less than 1 year.

Item #56009

Price: $4.00  Sale price $2.50

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  20 watt spiral CFL

20 watt equivalent to 75 watt regular. Last up to 7 years when used correctly

Item #56008

Price $4.00 

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  23 watt spiral CFL

This spiral outputs more than 1250 lumens with a rating of only 23 watts.

Item #56007

Price $5.00