Skystream on a 80 ft. guyed tower
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Tap into the wind to power your home

We are authorized installers for Southwest Windpower, the largest small scale wind turbine manufacturer in the country. They have more than 90,000 turbines working all around the world bringing power to where electrical lines are not accessible but also to homeowners that want to generate their own electricity. 

Their newest product , the Skystream 3.7 tm is a new generation grid-tie residential power appliance that hooks up to your home to help you reduce or eliminate your monthly electric costs. Skystream is the first compact, user-friendly, all inclusive wind generator design to  provide quiet,clean electricity in very low winds

We offer our customers guidance through every step of the permitting and application process to connect the Skystream. Call us today to schedule a visit from our technician for a small presentation of Skystream at your home. We will evaluate your site to see if wind can work for you.

The cost of installation of Skystream with a :

34 ft. tower: $17,000
45 ft. tower: $19,000
60 ft. tower: $22,000

The price include:
Skystream 3.7 wind turbine
Monopole tower
Concrete foundation
Electrical wiring from the tower to the house (60 ft.)
AC Disconnect
Warranty of 3 years (parts & labor)

View the Skystream 3.7 Spec Sheet

Getting Connected Guide(click here)

Actual size of Skystream body
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Skystream on a 34 ft. monopole tower
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Another snapshot of Skystream
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