Guide to permitting and plugging in your Skystream 3.7 TM


This guide will start you on the road to successfully permitting and interconnecting you Skystream in four easy steps:

  1. Interconnection to the utility
  2. Tell your neighbors
  3. Apply for a permit
  4. Sign up for incentives

Interconnection to the utility

Interconnection agreements vary from each utility or co-op, but all will most likely require specific safety information about the wind generator and should outline the type of net-metering agreement you have with them. You may be the first person within your utility asking for an interconnection agreement for small wind. It is advised that you work with your dealer(Home energy alternatives) to ensure you have the support you need should questions arise. Most utilities will require an on-site inspection at the completion of installation.

Tell your Neighbors

Answer to most inquiries from neighbors, tell them what you plan to do and why you are doing it, send them a letter, Communicate with your neighbors about your installation plans as a courtesy that can prevent misperceptions.

Apply for a permit

First check your local planning and zoning ordinances for provisions that may prohibit or restrict the use of a Skystream structure on your property. Typical obstacles are:

  • Allowable tower height
  • Minimum parcel size, setback and property line
  • Building code and electrical code compliance

Contact the building permit agent in your town or county planning department to obtain any required forms to be filled out and to learn more about the local process, fees and requirements for installing your Skystream

Prepared your required paperwork and submit your permit application along with payment covering the filling fee. Apply for a variance if needed, such as tower height.

Sign up for incentives

No federal incentives available for small wind at this time

State Incentive allows a homeowner to claim up to $500 as a personal tax credit for renewable energy production (Any system installed on or after January first, 2007)

For more information or inquiries, call (308)293-5639 or fill out the form under the "contact us" tab

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