Green Incentives & Financing

Federal and state incentives are available for homeowners and small business owners when upgrading to energy efficient projects and green power systems including wind and solar. Some of these incentives are:

Up to 30% of total cost in federal tax credit for solar electric and solar hot water systems (Expires 12/31/2016)


Up to 30% of total cost in federal tax credit for wind turbines.


Up to $400 credit from NPPD and other utilities when upgrading to a heat pump or geothermal pump.


$50 average credit when upgrading lighting fixtures. (Businesses & Industrial only)


$35 credit when recycling old refrigerator.

Up to 25% of the total cost in grants for energy efficiency and wind & solar projects throu the USDA Rural development program (11.4 million dollars were available for the 2007 fiscal year). This grant program is only available for farmers, ranchers, irrigators and rural businesses.


USDA renewable energy guarantee loans, this program is available for businesses and commercial applications. Finance up to 50% of total wind, solar or wind/solar project cost with this loan. Do a combination USDA grant+loan to cover 75% of total investment. The other 25% is required to have as equity/down. Quick response to applications doing combination of grant+loans.


USDA rural development Home Repair Loan Program is available for low income homes wanting to do repairs and upgrades such a new energy efficient heat pump or add insulation to your home. Need to meet some criteria to qualify. 1% percent interest loan up to 20 years to repay. For more info, give us a call (308) 293-3407

Energy Saving Loans from the Nebraska Energy Office are also available. Finance up to $35,000 in building energy improvements. Farms and ranches can borrow up to $75,000 (2.5% to 5% interest rate guarantee)

These credits can help you save money in the short term on improvements that will help you save even more over the long term

For more information on any of these incentives, give us a call at (308) 293-3407

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