Nebraska Renewable Energy Market Survey


Renewable Energy System Definitions

Solar Electricity: also known as solar PV or Photovoltaics. This system harness sunlight and converts it into AC quality electricity for your home or business. A grid-tie system is connected to the utility lines at all times, any excess power is sold back to the utility for a credit in your utility bill.

Solar water heating: also known as solar thermal. Solar collectors are used to pre-heat water before it enters your existing water heater. In most cases (during summer months), collectors can supply up to 80% of hot water demand in the building.

Solar air furnace: Indoor air is heated inside these panels and re-circulated back inside the house. Heating with solar reduces the need to run your conventional furnace.

Small wind turbine: also known as windcharger. These turbines convert wind load motion into electricity using a winding generator. Small turbines are capable of producing large amounts of power when located in high wind exposure.

Small Biodiesel station: this is an alternative to conventional diesel, only more cleaner and locally produced in the farm. Biodiesel can be made out of feedstock like soybeans, sunflower, animal fat and used vegetable oil.